Green Pet Waste Composting & Yard Pick Up


Cleaning Your Yard and the Planet, One Scoop at a Time

Green Pet was created to meet all your pet waste removal needs from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon. While there are many pet waste removal services, Green Pet is different because we provide exceptional service and take your pet’s waste to be composted at our private facility.

Green Pet waste removal services include:

  • Weekly bucket services where we remove pet waste and compostable cat litter you collect for composting.
  • Weekly yard services where one of our helpful technicians will collect all dog poop in your yard for composting at our facility.
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Why Should You Sign up for Pet Waste Removal and Composting?

While we all love our pets, it’s impossible to deny they can have a negative impact on our land and water supply. In Seattle, 20 percent of all traceable bacteria found in our water was attributed to dogs. And millions of pounds of pet waste end up in PNW landfills each year, where it may not decompose due to a lack of oxygen. Plus, no one likes dealing with poop—and there are few good options for environmentally conscious pet owners.

1 dog creates .75 lbs of waste per day times 273.5 lbs per year times 74.8 million dogs equals 10.2 million tons of waste per year

Compare Us to Other Pet Waste Alternatives

Infographic Text Reads: Composting Pet Waste (Pet waste is recycled into organic soil)

Green Pet Waste Management & Composting

  • Picks up pet waste from your yard each week or empties a pet waste bucket each week.
  • Removes all pet waste for environmentally sustainable composting at our local facility.
  • Resulting compost can be safely used for landscaping and a variety of other applications.

Flushing Pet Waste at Home

  •  Isn’t allowed in many municipalities because it can overwhelm the system.
  • Could clog your septic system.
  • Human waste systems aren’t always built to tackle bacteria and parasites found in pet waste.

DIY Pet Waste Composting

  • Requires a yard or other outdoor space for composting and to use the resulting compost.
  • Internal temperature and construction requirements to prevent compost contaminating the soil and water require careful monitoring.
  • Can be time consuming and messy.

Throwing Away Pet Waste

  • Compostable poop bags and pet waste cannot be thrown away in municipal compost and yard waste bins.
  • Contributes to landfill overflow and methane production, a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to climate change
  • Many poop bags may not fully decompose in traditional landfills.
  • Waste can leach into the soil and water.
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