About Green Pet

Since 2011, Green Pet has been cleaning yards and creating compost.

In 2010, Lance Donavan wanted a way to sustainably dispose of the waste he collected from yards in Portland, Oregon. Steve and Fran Dreiling, along with their son Lance, thought safely composting the pet waste could be the solution. The Dreilings were inspired by Alaskan dog mushers who composted their teams’ pet waste, and established Green Pet Compost Company in Gig Harbor, WA, in 2011.

Steve worked with the Washington State Department of Ecology and Department of Health to ensure the process he was developing would meet the requirements for effectively killing pathogens. Green Pet expanded as we worked to provide environmentally sound pet waste disposal to the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland areas.

In 2019, the Green Pet founders realized that they needed more resources to help the company grow, and Steve and Fran were ready to retire. That’s when they reached an agreement with Mud Bay—the PNW independent pet retailer—to buy Green Pet and expand the service area beyond their dreams. Green Pet knew it would be safe in the hands of Mud Bay—and Mud Bay had long been searching for an environmentally responsible way to dispose of pet waste that they could recommend to their customers.

Since July 2020, Mud Bay has been working to expand Green Pet so more pet owners can enjoy affordable pet waste removal and composting. We’re combining Green Pet’s scientific approach to pet waste composting with Mud Bay’s commitment to excellent service—call us to find out what we can do for your yard!



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