Composting at Green Pet

Image of the Composter we use

Unlike composting veggie scraps, composting dog poop and other pet waste is a challenge. To deliver pathogen-free compost from pet waste, Green Pet creates a mixture and environment that allows for the right microbes to thrive and break down the waste into a soil amendment.

Our carefully constructed facility can also handle most plant-based cat litters and compostable bags, which ensures that the largest possible amount of waste is used to create useful compost. That compost is safe to use for landscaping and other non-food related applications around the PNW.

Want to Try Composting Pet Waste At Home?

Composting dog poop at home is possible, but it requires dedication. You have to be willing to construct or buy a specialized composter so pathogens don’t reach the groundwater, while making sure that the temperature is hot enough to kill pathogens in the finished soil. Many people find that it’s simplest to leave this type of composting to the professionals—and keep a vegetarian composting pile at home that can be used for gardening.

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