Green Pet Composting FAQs

Green Pet Composting offers weekly cleanups. In certain areas of Portland, we offer twice-weekly cleanups. We also do one-time cleanups: Contact us for a quote!

Green Pet also offers bucket services, where we empty a bucket of pet waste you collect, once a week. We accept cat waste and cat litter if you use a compostable litter that is on our list of approved litters.

Green Pet includes a compostable liner in the bucket. We sell compostable bags to make it easy to keep your yard clean. If you want to use your own brand of bag, we ask that you buy compostable bags that meet ASTM D6400 standards.

Green Pet won’t charge you extra if you have a pack of Great Danes instead of a pack of Chihuahuas, but we do charge a little extra if your yard is larger than what’s standard in the PNW.

Green Pet does accept cat litter and cat waste. We require that you use an approved plant-based litter (contact us for more information), and we’re happy to compost any pet waste and used plant-based litter your cats create.

Yes! We clean rain or shine year-round. Of course, if there is weather that is dangerous for our drivers, we’ll let you know and reschedule as soon as it’s safe. We also don’t work Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, but we’ll reschedule your service that week so you still get a pickup that week!

No, we don’t require a contract. You can cancel at any time.

We’re always sorry to hear when we don’t meet our customer’s expectations! Please contact us so we can make it right—your satisfaction is always guaranteed at Green Pet.

Yes! We fully insure our workers for worker’s compensation and liability.

We ask that your dogs don’t have access to the yard we’re cleaning. This request protects our employees and your pets. Although most dogs are incredibly friendly when their owners are around, we have found that many very nice dogs feel anxious and protective over their yards. We can provide a courtesy call prior to our arrival to help ensure dogs are not in the yard while we service.

Not at this time, but occasionally we can support a one-time clean up if we’re in the area. Please contact us, and we’ll see if we can help.

If you have a locked gate or other barrier, please contact us to let us know how we can enter your yard when you’re not there.

 We will need access to your yard if you are not home. We can make various arrangements with you to ensure that our gaining access is as easy as possible for you.

We understand that people go out of town and may not need service. We’re happy to suspend service for two weeks or longer while you and your pets are gone. Please make this request at least 48 hours in advance. In rare cases, if there is significantly more pet waste than normal in the yard when you resume service, Green Pet may charge an additional one-time fee for cleanup of your yard.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-379-0005 or by email at We’re always happy to answer any questions.

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