Privacy and Personal Information

Privacy matters to Green Pet.
We’re committed to protecting personal information that’s entrusted to us, and we take seriously protecting the privacy of our customers, of our staff and of our business, community and professional partners.  This statement about Privacy and Personal Information pertains to experiences within our stores, to experiences at Green Pet events and to any other interactions our customers, staff and partners may have with us.

What is personal information?
Personal Information is any information that we can use to identify, locate, or contact someone.

When does Green Pet ask for personal information?
We may ask for personal information when a person:

  • Makes or returns a purchase in person or by phone, mail, email or text;
  • Requests that merchandise be shipped or delivered by Green Pet;
  • Places a special order;
  • Provides us with details about their pets;
  • Signs up for a Green Pet-sponsored event;
  • Subscribes to text or email updates, requests other content or communications from us or otherwise adjusts their preferences for communication from, or with, Green Pet;
  • Receives an offer of products or services from us;
  • Applies for a job with Green Pet, updates a job application or as part of other communication regarding a Green Pet job application;
  • Receives assistance from a Green Pet staffer; or
  • Contacts Green Pet with feedback, questions or comments.

How does Green Pet use personal information?
We use personal information as part of providing customers, staff and partners with the experiences, services, products and relationships they—and we—expect from Green Pet.  Here are some of the specific activities as part of which we are most likely to use personal information:

  • Notifications concerning events, product recalls or safety issues;
  • Providing owners with information that may help them in caring for their animals;
  • Sharing information about Green Pet’s products, services and events.
  • Responding to comments, questions or complaints;
  • Finding out how well (or not) Green Pet is performing; and
  • Normal business operations including service improvements, security, payment processing, analytics, fraud detection, fraud prevention, reporting, backing-up data and complying with pertinent laws.

With whom will we share personal information?
We only share personal information:

  • Within Green Pet and
  • With third parties who perform services on Green Pet’s behalf and are contractually prevented from using personal information for any purpose except helping Green Pet provide customers, staff and partners with the experiences, services, products and relationships they expect from us.

Social media
Green Pet invites customers, staff and partners to share information through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Such sharing is subject to the privacy policies of the relevant social media programs.

Security, data processing and storage
Green Pet and its third party service providers process and store personal information inside of the United States and adhere to standard Information Security policies.  Green Pet uses SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) for any transmission of Personal Information.  Email sent to or by Green Pet is generally not encrypted and should not be used to transmit personal information or credit card information.

This statement about Privacy and Personal Information replaces any and all previous statements Green Pet has made about the subjects covered in this statement.  Green Pet may update its approach to privacy and personal information in the future, and we may, if it is permitted by law, choose to apply changes in our approach to privacy and personal information to personal information previously collected.  If we make material changes to our approach to privacy and personal information, we will notify customers, staff and partners of the changes by posting a revised statement on our website.

Please direct questions about Green Pet’s approach to privacy and personal information on our contact us page.

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